Why iLi Consult

If your objective is to spend as little money for the engineering of your project as possible you have come to the wrong place. Don't waste your (and our) time. There will always be somebody who will offer engineering services for less. You can even cut out the consultant engineer completely by giving the engineering design to the building contractor and enjoy the illusion that you got the engineering for free.

However, if you know from experience that proper engineering can actually save construction costs and life cycle costs you have come to the right place.

- If you want your building designed to an international building code;

- If you want proper structrual analysis reports;

- If you want design options investigated in order to optimise construction and life cycle costs;

- If you need tender documents that help you get competitive and comparable bids;

- If you need contract management and construction supervision in order to make sure you get what you pay for;

- If you need specialized services like a topographic survey, geotechnical investigations and foundation QA that comply with international codes of practice;

than you have come to the right place. We look forward to hear about your project and provide you with a proposal.